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10 Apps and Tools to Make Your Small Business Better in 2018


For many startups, achieving meaningful growth means having the right tools. While larger companies can usually afford to build their own custom solutions, smaller businesses tend to rely on outside vendors. Fortunately, plenty of companies out there cater to the specific needs of smaller enterprises and early-stage startups, and the tools they provide are often as affordable as they are effective. From customer relationship management platforms to project management programs, here are ten of the best and most widely used

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9 Free Cyber Security Tools For Your Small Business


Cyber crime damages are predicted to cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015. Nearly half of all cyber attacks are committed against small businesses. Considering the statistics, it’s not a question of if a small business will be hacked, but when. Small businesses don’t have big budgets for cybersecurity, but there’s a myriad of free tools they can use to protect themselves against digital intruders. Free cybersecurity tools The thought of spending money they

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6 Signs Your WordPress Site Is Compromised


WordPress powers roughly 15 million websites worldwide — and that’s a conservative estimate. The platform is the most dominant content-management system (CMS) at work today, with 60 percent of the global CMS market. If you own a website, it likely runs on WordPress. Here’s the bad news: WordPress sites top hackers’ popularity list, too. Web-security firm Sucuri revealed that 78 percent of the 11,485 compromised websites it investigated during the first three months of 2016 were powered by WordPress. Cyber criminals don’t care if your company returns a merely decent

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E-Commerce for Small-Medium Sized African Businesses


It’s easier and cheaper than many small businesses believe to trade products online – here are some helpful tools and advice. Deepening internet penetration combined with rising disposable incomes has created exciting and booming times in the e-commerce market in Africa. With 50% of the continent expected to have access to the internet by 2025, online shopping could account for 10% of all retail sales, or US$75 billion, according to a McKinsey report Yet the digital revolution seems to have passed

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